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Estrogenic activity of glycitein, a soy isoflavone

Tong T. Song, S. Hendrich and P.A. Murphy, J.Agric. Food Chem., 47,1607-1610, 1999. In most soy foods, genistein and daidzein account for about 80 – 90% of total isoflavones. In soy germ, the major isoflavones present are daidzein (45-60%) and glycitein (35-45%). In studies, the estrogenic activities of genistein and daidzein were reported to be […]

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Soy isoflavones for the relief of climacteric symptoms in women with breast cancer or in whom estrogen replacement therapy is not recommended

By Giorgio Secreto et al, Maturitas 47 (2004): 11-20 HRT may be contraindicated or not advisable in postmenopausal women who have or had breast cancer, women with a family history for breast cancer, or women who stopped HRT after 5 years of treatment. Soy isoflavones may be a natural alternative for them. Verifying the efficacy […]

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