Bone Health

iStock_000013395094Small-e1328903864143Estrogen plays an important role in bone metabolism, especially the mechanisms related to calcium resorption. For post-menopausal women, bone mineral density and content is more rapidly reduced, as their bodies naturally produce less estrogen.

Isoflavones, as phytoestrogens, can activate estrogen receptors in the bones, and reduce bone resorption.

SoyLife® has been used in multiple studies examining bone health. These studies range from short-term studies following biochemical markers of bone metabolism, to long-term intervention studies measuring bone mineral density and content.

 A quick look at the OPUS study

O_opusplaatjeSoyLife® was used in a long-term US study on the effects of soy supplementation on osteoporosis. Results of the study show positive effects of SoyLife® on bone health parameters. In addition, the long term use of SoyLife during 2 years showed to be safe.

There have been publications in peer-reviewed journals in 2009 based upon the data developed during the OPUS study. More studies are expected to be published

The researchers have created a website, providing information regarding this study. Please visit: