Frutarom is very selective about the manufacturers who use our products. We need to have confidence in their integrity, their manufacturing and processing standards, and their experience and history as a retailer.

In many cases, a formulator’s products will display the SoyLife® logo. In other cases you may read “SoyLife® soy germ isoflavones”, or, “soy isoflavone extracts.” Either way, you can be assured you are buying the clinically proven SoyLife® ingredient.


At Frutarom, we like to partner with our customers to create co-branded products.

A look at the market shows that a large number of manufacturers of functional foods and supplements are already profiting from the potential of menopausal and bone health products, as well as from the benefits of the SoyLife® logo, which can be used on consumer products. When this logo is used, the consumer instantly gets the message: “Natural Health Inside”.

SoyLife® is a seal for efficacy, quality and safety, including:

  • Clinically supported efficacy
  • Continuous research program
  • Patent protected
  • Highest quality standards
  • Marketing support