About SoyLife®

SoyLife is a soy-germ isoflavone product.

New-ImageSoy isoflavones are more and more perceived as a natural support to health. Clinical studies show beneficial effects of SoyLife on menopause, bone, and cardiovascular health. Women during and after menopause may find that isoflavones relieve their hot flushes, and support bone health. SoyLife is rich in isoflavones, but more than just an isoflavone concentrate, SoyLife offers the complete spectrum of natural soy compounds. This Soy Matrix, enhances the bio-availability of the isoflavones.

SoyLife is the most concentrated way of adding the natural profile of soy-bioactives to food.

SoyLife is used worldwide in dietary supplements, foods, beverages and cosmetics.


Soy Matrix

The complex of naturally occurring health-enhancing compounds in soy is called the Soy Matrix®.

More than 25% of all soy phytonutrients are stored in the soy germ. The germ, apart from isoflavones, provides 40 additional health-supporting nutrients that assist the efficacy of isoflavones. The isoflavone profile of SoyLife has a typical soy germ ratio of genistein : daidzein : glycitein, which is 15 : 50 : 35. The combination and interaction of all these components is needed to obtain the health effects associated with soy.


SoyLife, supplies:

  • Isoflavones + vitamin E for women’s health
  • Isoflavones + antioxidants + saponins + PUFA`s for heart health
  • Oligosaccharides + fibre to improve the bio-availability of isoflavones and to create a pre-biotic effect
  • Compared to other soy ingredients, the Soy germ is rich in daidzein, which acts on more types of bone than genistein or glycitein do.