Health Benefits

SoyLife® consists of potent isoflavones which are proven to be key to the health benefits of soy germ isoflavones.

  • More than 35 proprietary studies provide support for health claims.
  • The isoflavones are in a ‘matrix’ with other natural phytonutrients that work synergistically together for health benefits.
  • Higher percentage of both daidzein and glycitein than other soy isoflavone ingredients.
  • Readily bio-available in the natural glycoside form.
  • Strong IP and patented protected ingredient.


What is this?

SoyLife is a unique soy isoflavone ingredient manufactured exclusively from soy germ. Soy germ (rather than either whole bean or the fermented bi-products of ex- traction) contains the highest natural level of isoflavones combined with more than 40 other phytonutrients. SoyLife provides you with a powerful and rich ingredient for inclusion in either dietary supplement