Why are manufacturers upgrading to SoyLife® isoflavones?

SoyLife is naturally rich in daidzein. Science confirms that the isoflavone daidzein is important for the efficacy of isoflavones as it is converted into equol during metabolism. Equol has been shown to play an important role in human health.

Daidzein is the ´bone health isoflavone´ – The beneficial effects of SoyLife in bone health have been confirmed in several scientific studies. Recently, in the Osteoporosis Prevention Using Soy or OPUS study the efficacy of SoyLife on bone health was assessed. The OPUS study, in which 403 early-postmenopausal women with healthy bones participated over a 2-year period, revealed that SoyLife resulted in a significant improvement of their bone health, compared to women receiving a placebo. Studies with SoyLife have consistently shown beneficial effects on bone health status. This supports the increasing evidence that daidzein is the key isoflavone to maintain bone health.

OPUS: Osteoporosis Prevention Using Soy

More than 36 scientific studies on health benefits of SoyLife. The safety and efficacy of SoyLife is supported with 36 high-quality proprietary scientific studies. These include longterm studies on bone health menopause, cholesterol management and safety.

SoyLife ingredients are manufactured from the whole germ, rather than from whole soy bean or soy molasses. The soy germ (hypocotyl) has a typical isoflavone ratio genistein:daidzein:glycetein of 15:50:35, making SoyLife naturally rich in daidzein.

SoyLife is available in various granulations and concentrations, thereby better suiting the production process and formulation requirements of the customer.

SoyLife is not manufactured using harsh solvents. In SoyLife production, soy germs are mechanically separated from the rest of the bean and dried. These soy germs are either used as ingredient in foods and food supplements or extracted with water-ethanol to obtain a powder ingredient with a higher isoflavone level. In the production of most other isoflavone extracts, less accepted solvents like hexane are more often used.

SoyLife consumption is proven to be safe. Clinical trials have shown that SoyLife consumption over a 2 year period at a dosage up to 120 mg of isoflavones per day is safe. This is supported by extensive Notox safety evaluation studies.

Brand name recognition. The SoyLife logo is used globally in supplements, cosmetic and food applications for more than 10 years.

Patent protected. Frutarom and its SoyLife customers have full rights to the ADM, Solae and Novogen patents on the use of isoflavones derived from soy germ in dietary supplement applications.

Frutarom actively cooperates with governments in the regulation of claims for consumer products.

SoyLife´s regulatory status is uncomplicated.

  • SoyLife COMPLEX is suitable for uses in foods and food supplements. The extracts are considered non Novel Food for uses in food supplements.
  • SoyLife is non-GMO
  • SoyLife is available in Kosher and Halal versions