The right composition: US study documents safety and efficacy of SoyLife® from Frutarom for osteoporosis prevention

Isoflavones are well known for their ability to treat postmenopausal symptoms, especially in the prevention of osteoporosis. Manufacturers who want to create supplements with a bone health indication can choose from a wide variety of different isoflavone substances, but there are huge differences between the individual ingredients – a fact that is less well known. The safety and efficacy of isoflavones is determined by their composition. Unfortunately, the situation on the market has become rather unclear because isoflavones from different sources and with completely different activity profiles have been used for various pieces of scientific documentation. For example, concerns raised recently about isoflavones are mostly based on studies using genisteinrich substances in sensitive breast or endometrial cancer models. These completely different active profiles make it difficult to talk about isoflavones” as a group.

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